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Brasenose College has good step-free access to most parts of the college grounds. There are accessible bathrooms on the ground floor.

This table contains summary information about the college

Main Entrance Radcliffe Square, Oxford OX1 4AJ
Alternative Entrance None
Blue badge parking nearby / on-site Yes. Broad Street, Oxford
Step-free access to Lodge  
Hearing support system in Lodge  
Wheelchair accessible bathrooms on-site  
Lifts on-site  
Hearing support systems on-site  
Tactile indicators on-site  


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Accessibility Information

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Use the entrance through the double doors off Radcliffe Camera Square. The lodge is located to the right once inside. The main doors will usually be open, however, a fob may be needed if it is late.



The main doors are level with the pavement, surrounded by a flat surface. Once inside, in order to access the lodge it is necessary to walk up two small steps to an interior door.

The main doors are heavy. The interior door is fairly light. Neither are powered.






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Interior pathways are spacious and clear. The only exception is a shallow step near the pigeon holes. The counter for the lodge is 90cm above the ground.





The nearest accessible toilet is located in the next quad.





Enter via the alternative entrance, located off the Deer Park Quad. Here, a lift can be used to avoid the steps at the primary entrance. The hall is often open outside mealtimes. However, in order to access the lift the servery must also be open - this is often closed except for mealtimes.



The outside door has a small lip around it 2-3cm high. The door to the hall is usually propped open during mealtimes.





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Pathways in corridor leading to the hall are wide and open. Once inside the hall, the pathways narrow but are still accessible and fairly easy to maneuver. Tables are 79cm tall and have a cutaway at 67cm. There are no bars underneath, however, the tables are supported by large legs with protruding bases that may cause some difficulties for wheelchair users.





The nearest accessible toilet can be located in the corridor to the hall, near the lift.





There is only one main entrance to the library, which is not accessible. This is due to the fact that it is located at the tops of three flights of steps.  

A new ground floor library is planned for construction in the cloisters.


While the Main Library is inaccessible to wheelchair users, the College Librarian has confirmed the following:         


a) The new Old Cloisters library area will be accessible, with some height-adjustable desks

b) There is a flexible procedure in place to allow anyone unable to access the main library due to mobility problems to obtain library materials. This involves emailing or calling the library with a request, which will then be filled by the librarians retrieving that material and delivering it to the student's room/leaving it at the lodge for them to collect/meeting them or a friend in college to hand it over/allowing a friend to collect it from the library, whichever arrangement best suits the individual. When the Old Cloisters library opens it will be possible to have materials brought down there from the main library. This system currently works only when the library is staffed, but bringing in student volunteers to help fetch books on evenings or weekends is under consideration as well.




The door is 100cm wide and located directly at the top of the third flight of steps.





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Generally wide once inside the library.





There are no toilets immediately inside the library, although the Deer Park is close.





The main entrance can be accessed via a ramp located on New Quad. It is accessed via a fob and available for law students only.



It is necessary to go through an inner (80cm wide) and outer door (94cm wide) to access the library. Neither door is powered, however, they are both fairly light.





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Once inside, pathways are fairly open and clear. Tables within the library are 72cm high, with a cutaway 67cm high.




There are no toilets in the library.





Located at the front left corner of New Quad. It is accessed via an outside door, before proceeding down a corridor and lobby that the JCR is at the end of. The area to the JCR is flat, however, there are two mats recessed 1cm into the floor in the lobby. The outside door is accessible via a ramp.





The outside door is located at the top of a ramp, and is 140cm wide.

There are also two interior doors that must be passed through in order to reach the JCR. The smallest of these is 65cm wide.

None of the doors are powered.





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The lobby area may be difficult to maneuver, as it is quite a tight space due to the staircase. Once inside the main JCR, pathways are fairly clear. The TV room is more cluttered but should be manageable. Tables in the main room are 74cm high with 64cm cutaways.




There are toilets next to the JCR, however, these are not designed to be accessible. The college has stated that refurbishment plans are progressing that intend to change this.





The room is located in the back right corner of Old Quad. There are two entrances to this room, however, neither are designed to be accessible.

In order to access the room, it is necessary to use a single step 4cm high by the outside door. Once inside the HCR, there is a small ramp leading down to the floor.




The outer door is 100cm wide. It may be difficult to open due to an uneven surface around it.

The second entrance, which provides access via the TV room, is easier to open and is 70cm wide.

Neither of the doors are powered, however, they are also fairly light. They are also accessed by handles.





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The HCR is often cluttered with furniture, however, this can be moved if necessary. This is especially true of the TV room which may restrict access.

There are two computer desks in the MCR. These are 74cm high, with a 64cm cutaway.

There are also kitchen counters located 90cm above the ground. These may be difficult to access, and the cupboards above are out of reach of wheelchairs users.





There are toilets next to the JCR, however, these are not designed to be accessible. The college has stated that refurbishment plans are progressing that intend to change this.





The primary entrance can be found in New Quad, and is accessed via a flight of 17 steps.


There is, however, an alternative entrance that can be accessed using a lift. To use the lift, a member of staff has to be notified. The lift’s entrance is 82cm wide. The ground around the entrance to the bar is flat and level.




A set of double doors lead into the bar. These are generally propped open during serving hours. On the way to the bar from the lift, the narrowest space encountered is 73cm wide.




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Lots of furniture inside that may prove a restriction. These should, however, be easy to move to more convenient positions. There are also a number of bottlenecks leading to different seating areas that may cause difficulty with maneuverability.


There are two types of table inside the bar. The first type are 74cm high with 70cm cutaways. The second type are 105cm high with 102cm cutaways.





There is an accessible toilet on the corridor between the bar and the lift.





The chapel is located off the Deer Park, and is generally open for students. Services are also regularly held here.

There are two entrances to the chapel. Both of which are accessed via steps. There may be a ramp to the main doors, however, this is not always open. The steps are fairly old and uneven.






The side entrance is used more frequently than the main, and is usually left open. This is 100cm wide, and moderately heavy.





The interior space is largely flat and even. There are occasional single steps in order to access other parts of the capel, such as from the antechapel to the main chamber.





The nearest toilet is located on the other side of the Deer Park.






A meeting room located off the passage to the Deer Park. It should be noted that there are no accessible meeting rooms with a capacity greater than 50. The room can be booked out by students. It is located on the ground floor, however, there is a small step down into the room.





The room is accessed via a deep frame with doors either side, 90cm wide. The doors are not power accessed, however, they are not heavy.





Once inside, the space is fairly clear. Furniture can be reconfigured to make it more accessible. The table is 75cm high with a cutaway 69cm high.





The nearest toilet is located off the Deer Park.





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Brasenose College
Radcliffe Square
Oxford, OX1 4AJ
United Kingdom


+44 1865 277 830

Access enquiries

Disability Lead: Dr Anne Edwards

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